10 Years of Digital Marketing in Eastbourne

Time is the Measure of Business

Herald 10 years10 Years ago I did something that was against all the caveats of starting up a new business. I moved home to a new part of the country where I knew no one and started up a business in a market that I knew little about – and we celebrated the birth of our son. .

As my son celebrates his 10th birthday I look back at 10 massive changes in the world of internet marketing

  1. It’s not Just About Websites

When we set out in business the majority of our work was building websites. When the recession hit we realised pretty quickly it wasn’t about building new websites, it was about getting more from the websites you have. The same applies today – a website is only the beginning, the shell of marketing online – the engine room is new content.

  1. Push v Pull Marketing

Push marketing (or outbound marketing) is a thing of the past. Consumers no longer rely on billboards, Yellow Pages and TV advertisements. Pull marketing (or inbound marketing) is what counts now. It’s a two-way dialogue. The web has empowered people with alternative ways of finding, researching and buying brands.

  1. Content is King

Remember the days when you slapped a few keywords into a website and hey presto! You were on page 1 of Yahoo (yes remember Yahoo!). Now Google is the master and has made numerous changes to its algorithms so that what matters now in terms of search ranking, is fresh content – usually in the form of a blog or similar.

  1. Customers are in Control

I don’t have to watch ads on TV if I don’t want to. I can like an ad in Facebook. I, as a consumer, can tell advertisers what I like and what I don’t. They can tell by my actions (clicking on an ad or a link) what is appealing to me and what is not. Analytics drive results. If a company’s blog about its products doesn’t get attention, it might focus on “how to” posts, which do get a lot of attention. Companies no longer hold the reins when it comes to marketing and advertising.

  1. The Power of the Masses

10 years ago, if I had a dodgy meal from a restaurant. I might moan to a few friends with minimal impact on the well-being of the restaurant. Now a post on Facebook, Trip Advisor or Google Reviews can sound the death knell of many a business and bring it running with sweeteners. Reputation management is a major consideration in the success and survival of business today.

  1. The Social Explosion

“Post-it” notes used to be the way of passing snippets of information to friends and colleagues. Now we use Twitter. Facebook has over 1 billion users, YouTube is the second largest search engine, Instagram has over 20 billion photos uploaded, LinkedIn is the new business networking and researching tool. It’s hard to imagine life without Social Media. Yet 10 years ago Facebook had barely celebrated its first birthday.

  1. The Power of Video

Video has a huge impact on communication yet is still under-used. They have the potential to go viral on social media and can increase visibility on search engines. Videos are more dynamic than text by their very nature so can engage a visitor to a website far more than text will. As an educational tool or “how to” post, video far surpasses other media.

  1. Keeping Mobile

Mobile is one of the biggest growth areas the market has seen since the launch of the i phone in 2007. This year we will see search by mobile devices exceed that of desktop or PC. That means your online marketing needs to be geared for the mobile world or you miss a huge opportunity. Earlier this year Google made changes which mean that, if your website is not mobile friendly, then you will not be ranked favourably on search engines.

  1. Shopping online

Remember Blockbuster – Borders Bookshops – Tower Records – Woolworths – Comet – MFI? It is the norm nowadays to shop on line – from groceries to holidays. Only those retailers that respond react and adapt will survive.

10 And Finally – Then and Now!

10 years ago only 9% of the world’s population had internet access – now it’s 40%.

10 years ago we spent on average 46 minutes a day on the internet – now it’s 8 hours 41 minutes – more than we spend sleeping

10 years ago there were some 3 million website – now there are over 1 Billion.


Thank you to all clients, colleagues, friends and contacts for making those 10 years a  pleasure to do business!



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