5 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Brand Online

5 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Brand Online

The ultimate marketing goal for your business should be for your brand to be instantly recognisable by your target audience so they think of you first when looking for the services you provide. Here are five key steps you can take to increase brand awareness and make sure you are top of mind through a prospective client’s “buying” journey.

  1. Extend Your Reach with Google Adwords Ad Extensions

Google Adwords Ad Extensions allow you to increase your visibility and enhance your marketing message by including extra information within your ad, such as additional website links or a click to call button right from your ad.

  1. YouTube Advertising Gets You Seen!

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine making it more important than ever to have a video content plan including making the most of the low cost and extensive reach that YouTube offers.

  1. Improve Promotion Using Google’s Display Network

Having a presence on the Google Display network means your ads will be seen in all the right places across a collection of websites relevant to your customers. Using creative ad formats will also significantly increase your reach.


  1. Stay Top of Mind with Remarketing

Remarketing will improve brand awareness by showing your ads to people who have recently visited your website making you stand out from the crowd with relevant offers at each stage of the “buying” cycle.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Mobile Audience!

To improve the search experience for mobile users, Google has introduced a significant update to their search algorithm. Simply put, your website is either mobile ready, and will gain traction in their mobile search results, or it’is not, and you’ll be excluded from the vast mobile search audience.


Trying out those five key steps will ensure your brand stands out, remains top of mind and is well positioned when prospective clients are ready to do business.


If you would like to know more about each of these techniques or how to improve brand promotion for your business, get in touch.



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