Location, Location, Location

I’ve often been asked where my favourite place in the world is.

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to many countries with work and with holidays but there is one that is special. The island of Leros in the Greek Dodecanese. Not only have I spend many a happy holiday there but it’s where I stayed for 10 weeks not long after I was made redundant from A T Cross.

Grace, my daughter was only 17 months and we had planned to go for a 2 week holiday as a break from job hunting. Instead we didn’t take the flight home and rented and apartment on the sea front. That picture is the view from our window! It was there that I decided no more corporate world for me. I researched and signed up for a franchise with WSI and, after a short stint with Waterford Wedgewood, I embarked on this amazing journey.

I revisited Leros with Grace when she was 16 and she got so many hugs from locals she had no memory of. Happy days!