The WSI Journey

I’m taking this opportunity to say Hi in my social media networks to those people I haven’t yet met or had the opportunity to engage with. Indeed, it might be news to those that I do know as well!

2020 marks the 15th anniversary of when I took the plunge and bought into a WSI Digital Marketing franchise. It wasn’t easy in those early days for a number of reasons:

  1. I was totally new to this industry
  2. I had just moved to Eastbourne where I knew absolutely no-one.
  3. My son was due to be born 2 weeks after starting up

All things that many experts would suggest are doomed for failure.

But here we are 15 years on, and I only wish I’d done it sooner. I’ve been through one of the worst financial crises in recent history. I’m going through one of the worst pandemics in recent history. Yet still we survive and I’ve many reasons to be grateful. Prior to embarking on this venture I spent some 25 years in the corporate world, working for others with good reward, yet when the crunch came, and the axe had to fall, those late nights and weeks away from home, meant for nothing. In the last 15 years I haven’t missed a parents’ night, a sports day or a school assembly. Yes, I’ve worked long hours but not to the detriment of my family and my well-being.

I’ve visited some interesting places too – Toronto, Paris, Barcelona, Hastings!

Along the way, we’ve also helped many businesses flourish using the power of the digital world.

So, has anyone else ever felt they were stagnating in their career and what did you do about it?