Top Social Selling Trends of 2015

Top Social Selling Trends of 2015

By Francois Muscat

Figures from a DemandGen 2014 study showed that 72% of B2B buyers turned to social media for information before making a purchasing decision. Companies that took these figures seriously stepped up their social selling strategies and are now reaping the benefits.

If you want to make an impact with social selling, you should take note of the following trends:

  • Shift from closing to connecting

Sales professionals have been using social media with the primary aim of closing sales. However, it is becoming more apparent that this approach is not effective as people don’t like being sold to. Sales professionals need to change their focus to forging relationships with potential customers. Social selling offers sales professionals the opportunity to engage in conversations with customers as well as address their concerns.

  • Shift to intelligent blend for marketing

In the past, companies relied on outbound marketing to generate qualified sales. However, this is no longer effective. Companies now need to adopt a blend of nurturing as well as inbound and outbound marketing for success.

  • Adaptation of technology

The growth in online sales will result in more companies taking technology more seriously. Companies will need to adapt technology for sales professionals to make the social selling processes more efficient.

  • Shift to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently the fourth largest social networking website, with more than 400 million members. It however remains the most popular social platform amongst professionals. With the introduction of Sales Navigator, LinkedIn is set to become the most popular and important platform for sales professionals.

  • Shift to helping and educating

The salesperson can no longer depend on the direct approach to generate leads and close sales. The modern customer is tech savvy and thrives on information. They purchase only from those they trust. Sales professionals need to build reputations as experts who can be trusted. Providing useful information in response to posts, tweets or updates on social media is a vital part of this.

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