Training with WSI

The government announcement yesterday about exams being delayed by three weeks in 2021, is especially relevant to me with a daughter doing her A Levels and son doing his GCSE’s.

It reminds me too of those years (seemed like an eternity) when I sat exams. O Levels, Highers, University Degree, Teacher Training. It just went on and on with every Easter holiday spend studying for the day of reckoning.

What it did teach me was that you always have to be open to learning new things. When I embarked on this Digital Marketing journey 15 years ago, it was with some trepidation. I knew little about computers or how they worked. But the first thing I learned is that it is not about computers. I still get people saying: (Oh you know about computers, don’t you? How do I ……..?”. Yes, the medium is via a computer but that is it. It’s like inviting Stephen Spielberg round for dinner and saying: “Hey you make films don’t you? Could you just have a look at my television, it’s not working properly.”

That aside it has been a huge learning curve and there is always something new every day especially in the world of Social Media. I’ve been proud to have achieved some recognition too. In 2010 I presented at the WSI European conference on how to manage the process of getting new clients. Locally our business has received awards for Support Service Company of the Year.

And you know what? This journey of discovery never ends. Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?

What have you had to learn recently that was way outside your comfort zone?

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