Where Are UK Marketers Distributing Content?

Use of video as a tactic is up

Content marketing is widespread in the UK, according to 2015 research that found nearly nine in 10 marketers in the country use it. Tactics are tilting toward video, and YouTube has become a more important part of the landscape.

Social Media Sites Used to Distribute Content by UK Content Marketers, 2013-2015 (% of respondents)

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Lionbridge asked content marketers in the UK what social sites they were using to distribute content in 2015, after asking the same question the previous two years. LinkedIn was No. 1, at 93%, slightly down from 2014 but maintaining its rank. Twitter, similarly, continued in second place, at 92%.

There was significant movement for YouTube in terms of the share of content marketers using it, however: it rose from 65% in 2013 to 68% last year and then dramatically to 81% of content marketers this year. Use of video as a tactic is also up: from 73% of content marketers in 2014 to 83% this year.

Facebook, which fell behind YouTube in the rankings this year, was also up in reach by 9 points. Notable increases in usage were also present for SlideShare, Instagram and Vimeo.

Meanwhile, usage of Pinterest held flat at 36% of respondents, and Snapchat also stayed steady at just 6%.

Earlier research from the CMI found that UK content marketers focused on different social networks depending on whether their audience was businesses or consumers: B2B marketers preferred LinkedIn, while B2C practitioners were more focused on Facebook.