Email Marketing – Fast, Affordable and Effective

In today’s competitive UK business climate and challenging economy, retaining your customer base is critical to your success. Loyal customers stay longer with your company and recommend its services to others. Our email marketing and newsletter management programme affords your UK business a fast, affordable, and effective way for your message to reach the market and maintain direct contact with your customers.

Email marketing is extremely effective (when executed correctly) and so inexpensive that an entire industry has emerged to support it. A new millennium counterpart to traditional direct mail, email marketing offers unprecedented targeting capabilities allowing you to customise your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

Building a client email list should be a top priority for any business owner, but there is more to it than just collecting names and addresses.

Email marketing systems, such as those offered by your WSI Internet Consultant, are capable of categorising your customers on just about any criteria you can think of. This is important because the more relevant your message is to the recipient, the better your results will be. Want to run a promotion for customers in Eastbourne, Turnbridge Wells, or another specific Post Code range? You can do that. How about sending a different message to male customers in Brighton than you do to female customers in Brighton? You can do that too. You can even get creative and categorise Sussex, Surrey, or Kent customers based on the types of items they buy from you (and then notify them about new accessories, styles or models)! We can show you how to build this type of strategic targeting capability into your email marketing efforts quickly and easily.

The Top 4 Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Unmatched customer targeting and tracking capability
  • Lowest cost per unit of any advertising medium
  • Creates ongoing awareness of your brand and offerings
  • Track and manage customer actions.

Why is email marketing important to your business?

Put simply, today’s consumer has a long list of buying options and a very short memory. If you do not give your customers some good reasons to stay, your competitors will give them a reason to leave. Full customer service and satisfaction drive profits.

  • It is far less expensive to cultivate your existing customer base and sell more services to them than it is to seek new, single-transaction customers. Most surveys across industries show that keeping one existing customer is five to seven times more profitable than attracting one new one.
  • Staying in regular contact with your customers is one of the best ways to remind them that you still exist and appreciate their business.
  • Regular email marketing newsletters, promotions and announcements will keep your business fresh in their minds, and they will appreciate the personalised and relevant information you are sending them.

Newsletters are about building customer loyalty and the Internet makes it easier than ever. Email marketing newsletters provide a solid hold without the expense or time-consuming process of direct mail and other types of print media. You receive nearly instant and measurable response to your news, special offers, and advertisements.

Why Choose the WSI Integrated Ad Solutions Programme?

A business profits when a professional handles newsletter management. We afford you a simple, reliable, cost-effective and convenient way to stay in contact with customers and gain new customers.

  • Reduce the cost of your existing client loyalty programme.
  • Cut the amount you spend on winning new business.
  • Reduce the time you invest in ‘staying in touch’ with customers.

People are extremely choosy about which newsletters they will allow into their overflowing inboxes. They will delete Spam and unsubscribe to poor newsletters. At WSI, we pay attention to the newsletters’ usability and to the design. By allowing WSI to design your email marketing newsletter or promotion and handle your newsletter management, you can rest assured that we will create a product that is pleasing to the eye, has a high scanability factor and has fast access.

Our Email Newsletter system is unique. Just look at some of the features and benefits:

  • You will love our UNIQUE REPORTING DASHBOARD. Not only can you monitor and judge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, it also gives you the ability to examine click-through rates on each individual offering and send out targeted emails to just those groups.
  • Our FULL SERVICE EMAIL MARKETING SOLUTION saves you time energy, and money, while building your most valuable business asset: a permission-marketing list of your customers.
    Get More For Less: Email marketing response rates are 20 – 30 – 40 times greater than traditional advertising.
  • Increasing repeat customers is your number one way to increase your profits… as much as 100%
    No Hassle – all you do is collect names at all customers touch points, and supply simple business graphics and text…. WE DO THE REST….
  • Professional List Management – all undeliverable emails are logged and the system updated. Your email marketing list will remain accurate and powerful.
  • Automated Contact – send thank you offers on important birth dates and customer anniversaries. Also for reminders – e.g. services due, tax returns, etc.
  • Immediate Results – over 80% of your responses to a promotion will happen within 48 hours.
    We Provide Newsletter Management Services You Need.


  • We provide many list building programmes such as: web site integration, in-store registration, promotions, etc
  • We will create your e-newsletters and e-postcards for you
  • We will supply point of sale posters and data collection cards
  • You will have your own dedicated email marketing campaign manager
  • Unlimited personalisation technology for extreme targeting
  • Real time reporting: open rates, click through rates, bounce back analysis
  • Event triggered emails (birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, etc.)
  • Database newsletter management systems included
  • Proprietary software and hardware technology scalable to handle any level of clients

We Manage Everything. The best part of our service is that it is hassle-free. We:

  • Build, manage and host the online newsletter management database of clients and prospects.
  • Produce and send out the email marketing newsletters and promotions.
  • Provide offline marketing material
  • Create an online registration system
  • We will handle unsubscribe requests.


How Much Does It Cost? Not nearly as much as you may think.

The initial set-up cost for our email marketing system includes the creation of your own personalised email template, the creation of the offline posters and the data collection forms, an online opt in/out system and ongoing support.

You then pay a newsletter management fee each month plus a production cost for each newsletter and a minimal charge for every name on your database that we mail to. For this small monthly fee, we will create your email marketing newsletter and send it to your list.

You do not need to invest in hardware, software or additional newsletter management personnel to produce the email marketing newsletter or promotional campaign.

For more information on our email marketing and newsletter management programmes, please contact us today!