Good Web Site Design

Before you start to plan your new website it’s important that you take a wider view of all your online properties. The way I explain the position of a website versus areas like social media, blogging, articles, citations, guest posts, and other online properties is this.

Your website is the destination, all your other traffic generating properties and marketing efforts are the conversation. There is no point in spending time and effort generating conversation with the goal of bringing people back to your website so you can turn them into customers, without a first-class destination.

The aim of your website is simple, it’s to achieve your goals. Here are some reasons your business will have a website:

  • You want to drive more sales directly or indirectly.
  • You want to reduce costs such as support and distribution.
  • You want to create trust in your brand while supporting and promoting it.
  • You want to build a community.
  • You want to persuade people to your way of thinking.
  • You want to generate advertising revenue.

For most business it’s usually one or more of the first three reasons. Once we understand your goals we can create a plan for your content and online marketing to ensure we attract potential customers to your business.